Customer Clustering using Artificial Intelligence

November 24, 2017

Customer clustering


Well-defined audience segments are essential for a marketing strategy success. Incorrect targeting can make the campaign ineffective in acquiring customers. Traditional campaign design methods often fail to reach potential purchasers, and are too generic.


Fortunately, due to modern AI techniques we are able to create highly-effective, personalized campaigns.

As a first step we perform clustering analysis in order to redefine your target segments. It allows to sort users into highly distinct groups that have similar characteristics, and are therefore more likely to take similar actions in the future.

Later on, the algorithm classifies which segments should and should not receive your marketing material. Another Machine Learning model analyzes your audience data and creates personalized marketing messages for every customer.


  • More effective customers targeting, yielding higher ROI
  • Automation of marketing campaigns
  • Significantly lower cost per customer acquisition
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by reducing irrelevant content
  • Increasing customer engagement by highly personalized marketing campaigns
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