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Unparalleled Security

Our state-of-the-art security protocol safeguards your valuable data and critical applications from potential threats. With proprietary security measures, we provide robust defense for your digital assets.

Rapid Model Development

Supercharge your AI journey with our agile model development. Swift creation and production readiness cut go-to-market time in half, ensuring immediate deployment of your solution.

Product-focus Method

Prioritize reproducibility with product-focused strategies to speed up projects by 30%. We identify crucial datasets, version ML models, and establish efficient structures in the early stages.

End-to-end Custom AI Proof
of Concept

Discovery with tailor-made AI solutions crafted to align with your unique business objectives.

Adaptive Design

AI solutions that fit seamlessly into your existing tech ecosystem.

Data-driven Decisions

Gain a competitive edge with actionable insights generated by advanced AI system.

Continuous Learning Framework

Regularly updating the AI model to incorporate new data and adapt to changing environments.

Ethical AI

Responsible AI systems that prioritize security and transparency, building a foundation of accountability in the deployment of AI technologies.

Robust Testing

Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your AI solution, to validate its performance, identify potential weaknesses, and refine its capabilities.

Streamlined Workflows

Enhance productivity and reduce manual effort by automating labor-intensive tasks to streamline operations and unlock new growth opportunities.

Media Mentions

AI Transforms Banking

“Using artificial intelligence to automate swaths of the research process is quickly gaining traction because cost-conscious investment banks are downsizing. Sigmoidal LLC, in New York, says they can solve this problem using machines that learn as they trudge through tens of thousands of news articles, government statements, and social media accounts.”

Charlotte Ryan

Instead of getting 100,000 news articles, clients can get all the insights on one page.


AI is solving banks’ very expensive research problem.

Strategic Implementations

From Conversational AI to predictive analytics and Generative AI, discover how our solutions redefine industries

Generative AI

Healthcare: Our chatbots revolutionize patient interactions by offering real-time assistance, understanding medical terminology, and optimizing care pathways for improved health outcomes.

Financial Predictive Models

Banking & Finance: Our ML algorithms analyze extensive data to predict market trends, empowering financial institutions to make data-driven decisions.

Advanced Analytics

Oil and Gas: Sigmoidal's analytical tools process vast oil and gas datasets, predicting extraction efficiency, optimizing drilling strategies, and enhancing operational performance.

Retail Personalization Engines

Retail: Using NLP, we provide highly personalized shopping experiences by understanding customer sentiments and anticipating their needs.

Manufacturing Optimization Systems

Manufacturing: Our neural network solutions revolutionize identifying and resolving production bottlenecks, leading to smoother and more efficient production lines.

Supply Chain Predictors

Logistics: Using reinforcement learning, we've revolutionized supply chains by predicting disruptions and providing mitigation strategies, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

Launching Your AI Product
with Sigmoidal

Seamlessly transition from an idea to a game-changing solution

In-depth Scoping Session

Understand your needs, challenges, and how AI can drive your success.

Proof of Value

We deliver a working solution in as little as two weeks, keeping it flexible on the tech stack to align business objectives and create value fast.

Scaling & Full Development

We scale the initial solution in a standardized methodology - creating reusable components to ensure robust performance tailored for enterprise-grade demands.

Fine Tuning

Post-deployment continuous improvement of the product and knowledge sharing to ensure you harness the full potential.

Your AI journey starts with us!

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