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Value-added Partnerships

Our alliances with top AI tech firms and renowned research institutions offer unparalleled advantages. You're not just getting us; you're accessing a world of AI innovation.


Deep Industry Expertise

Leverage skilled Data Scientists with 8+ years
of experience. We work together to help clients identify and implement AI strategies with the highest business impact.


Integration & Adaptability

Our integrative approach seamlessly incorporates AI into your existing frameworks. Globally synchronized teams ensure agile solutions that adapt to evolving business landscapes.

Accelerate Business Growth with AI Consulting

Boost your business by updating AI strategy and architecture. We help clients achieve their goals, drive change, and create a lasting impact with AI Consulting

Strategic AI Blueprint

Get a comprehensive roadmap that aligns AI capabilities with your business ambitions, ensuring ROI-driven outcomes.

Compliance Assurance

Navigate the regulatory maze with confidence, knowing our AI solutions prioritize and uphold industry compliance standards.

Proof-of-Concept Foundations

Start your AI journey on solid ground with our POC-centric approach, ensuring tangible results before full-fledged adoption.

Global Expertise

Benefit from our worldwide network, blending global insights with local nuances for robust AI strategies.

Hands-on Training & Support

Empower your team with the knowledge and tools they need to harness AI's potential, fostering in-house expertise.

Streamline Operations

As your business grows, our AI strategies evolve with you, improving operational processes to ensure smoother workflows.

Media Mentions

“In 2021, they provided AI Consulting for our NLP project and ventured into Generative AI before it hit the mainstream”

Yuhan Luo
Director of Data Science, QuantaMed

Seamless integration of data-driven insights, propelling medical research.


A 40% reduction in diagnostic errors, amplifying patient trust.

Domains Where Sigmoidal's AI Consulting Shines Brightest

Revolutionizing industries, one AI solution at a time

RAG Systems

Sigmoidal demonstrated expertise in combining retrieval and generation, improving the production of informed and contextually relevant AI outputs, resulting in richer and more accurate responses.

Generative AI (LLMs)

Before generative models went mainstream, Sigmoidal pioneered applications with LLMs. They led the way in producing coherent, diverse, and contextually apt content.

Smart Automation

With a strong focus on refining neural architectures, Sigmoidal's AI consulting excels at optimizing network performance while maintaining speed, providing clients with the best of both worlds.

Predictive Analytics

Sigmoidal's expertise in using historical data to predict future events has revolutionized client decision-making, driving data-driven strategies and predictable outcomes.

Natural Language Processing

Sigmoidal's NLP expertise empowers clients to analyze and leverage human language data, connecting businesses with their audience through sentiment analysis and chatbots.

Supply Chain Optimization

Sigmoidal excels in AI consulting, revolutionizing supply chains with intelligent systems, utilizing demand forecasting, identifying inefficiencies, and implementing predictive analytics.

Embarking on Your
AI Consulting Journey

AI Consulting Timeline: A streamlined approach to reshape your business landscape

In-depth Scoping Session

Dive deep into your business needs, challenges, and aspirations in our kickoff session, laying the foundation for a robust AI strategy.

Engagement of Expert AI Consultants

Collaborate closely with our AI professionals to architect, design, and create the perfect AI enterprise solution aligned with your business objectives.

Streamline Operation with AI Consulting
by Sigmoidal

Experience the seamless integration of our Data Scientists into your operations, witnessing transformative growth and unprecedented efficiency.

Get started with Enterprise-dedicated AI Consulting.

Overcome challenges in AI adoption, improve operations in portfolio companies, orautomate investment screening and due diligence - discover your opportunities.