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Revolutionizing Threat Detection for National Security: A 40% Enhancement in Threat Detection

Nov 20, 2023

In the high-stakes industry of defense and security, vigilance is non-negotiable, and the cost of error is high. Our client, a prominent defense contractor, is entrusted with the security of critical national infrastructure. Confronted with the inherent limitations of human-operated surveillance systems, such as fatigue-induced oversights and the sluggish pace of threat response, they reached out to Sigmoidal for an advanced AI solution. Our mission was to equip them with an intelligent surveillance system that could match the pace and complexity of modern security challenges, thereby maintaining their position at the forefront of national defense technologies.

What was the business objective?

The mandate was crystal clear: to elevate the contractor's threat detection capabilities beyond the current benchmarks. Traditional security surveillance, manned tirelessly by teams of personnel, was failing to meet the evolving demands. The objectives set before us were multifaceted:

  • To drastically improve the accuracy of threat identification, thereby mitigating risks of oversight.
  • To significantly reduce dependency on human monitoring, counteracting the challenges posed by fatigue and human error.
  • To quicken the pace of response to genuine threats, ensuring swift action and minimizing potential fallout.

Faced with these challenges, the defense contractor needed a revolutionary approach that could seamlessly integrate with their current operations while setting a new standard in automated threat detection and response.


How did we accomplish it?

Sigmoidal's strategy unfolded in a series of meticulously planned phases, each tailored to interweave our expertise with the client's operational framework:

Phase 1: Data Preparation and Model Training - We began by amassing a vast array of image and video data, representing a wide gamut of threat scenarios and controlled environments. Our data scientists, refined and enriched this data, setting the stage for model training.

Phase 2: Advanced Algorithm Development - Using TensorFlow and Keras, we engineered and trained complex deep learning models. These models were designed to learn and identify nuanced patterns, distinguishing between weapons in various contexts and differentiating between armed security personnel and potential assailants.

Phase 3: Real-Time Analysis Implementation - With OpenCV, our computer vision algorithms were deployed to dissect and analyze the live CCTV footage. The system was fine-tuned to detect and prioritize threats in real-time, marking a leap from reactive to proactive surveillance.

Phase 4: Cloud Integration and Deployment - AWS's robust and scalable cloud infrastructure was chosen to host our solution, offering the requisite agility and resilience needed to handle the analysis of multiple video streams concurrently.


The Results

The implementation of our advanced AI-driven surveillance solution ushered in a new era of threat detection for the client:

  • Improved Threat Identification: The integration of our machine learning models increased threat detection accuracy by 40%, establishing a new gold standard for surveillance efficacy.
  • Reduction in Manual Monitoring: By automating surveillance, we liberated the client's workforce, saving an estimated 700 hours per month that was previously dedicated to manual monitoring duties.
  • Enhanced Discrimination Ability: Our solution proved exceptional in differentiating between authorized and unauthorized weapon carriers, which significantly decreased the rate of false positives.

With these results, the client is projected to save in excess of $1.8 million annually in operational costs, not accounting for the savings related to potentially thwarted threats and maintained integrity of secured facilities.

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Technologies used

Fine-tuning of machine learning models: Python, TensorFlow, Keras OpenCV for implementing real-time computer vision analysis.

Scikit-learn, Pandas, NumPy: Utilized in data processing and analysis.

AWS for deployment due to its scalability for real-time data processing.

Savings for the client

700 hours

Saved monthly due to the reduction in the need for manual surveillance


Improved Threat Identification accuracy with the integration of machine learning models.

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