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Proactive Precision in Healthcare

Nov 15, 2023

In the precision-driven world of pharmaceuticals, a Swiss-based company, a global healthcare leader, faced a critical challenge within its diagnostic division. The downtime of their clinical chemistry and immunochemistry analyzers was a glaring concern, directly impacting diagnostic efficiency and operation throughput. In their quest to pivot from reactive to predictive maintenance, they partnered with Sigmoidal, seeking our specialized AI Consulting expertise to preempt equipment malfunctions and streamline their maintenance.

What was the business objective?

The stakes were high: any downtime of analytical equipment could lead to delays in diagnostic testing, potentially affecting patient care. Our partner aimed to:

  • The stakesDrastically reduce the downtime of critical diagnostic analyzers.
  • Enhance the efficiency and precision of their maintenance processes.
  • Implement a data-driven solution to anticipate and preempt potential equipment failures.

To achieve these objectives, they required a sophisticated analysis of vast datasets to identify predictive patterns that could flag issues before they resulted in operational disruptions


How did we accomplish it?

Sigmoidal's engagement with the Swiss pharmaceutical leader commenced with a deep dive into the heart of the problem — the unplanned downtime of essential diagnostic equipment. Our AI Consulting expertise was pivotal in orchestrating a data-centric strategy to address the maintenance challenges they faced preemptively. We directed a comprehensive aggregation of data, drawing from a wide spectrum of sources, including sensors, logs, and operational records, utilizing the robust processing power of Hadoop and Spark to handle and parse through the extensive datasets.

In the analytical phase, Sigmoidal's strategic guidance was critical in harnessing advanced machine-learning algorithms and predictive modelling. This enabled us to develop a forecast model that could predict potential equipment malfunctions with a high degree of accuracy, which was further refined by employing natural language processing to extract actionable insights from the unstructured textual data found in maintenance logs.

The transformative solution also included the establishment of a real-time monitoring system. By advising on the deployment of sophisticated tools like Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Grafana, we provided our partner with the capability to visualize and monitor equipment performance in real time, allowing for swift preemptive actions to be taken based on the predictive insights garnered.

Additionally, to facilitate a user-friendly interpretation of the rich data insights, we implemented advanced visualization tools such as Tableau. For our partner, this meant democratizing the data, making it accessible and actionable for the stakeholders and decision-makers. This also provided a clear window into the health and performance trends of the diagnostic equipment. 

Through this multifaceted approach, where each strategic recommendation was tailored to fit seamlessly within our partner’s operational ecosystem, Sigmoidal laid the groundwork for what would become a pivotal change in how the pharmaceutical giant approached equipment maintenance — transitioning from a reactive to a proactive stance.


The Results

The impact of Sigmoidal’s predictive modeling solution was profound:

Cost Efficiency: Our partner realized annual savings of 450k CHF, attributable to the sharp decline in maintenance expenses and the curtailment of unplanned equipment downtime.

Operational Uplift: The transition to predictive maintenance translated into heightened uptime for our partner critical diagnostic analyzers, thereby amplifying operational efficiency and productivity. 

Maintenance Optimization: With the new system, our partner could prioritize maintenance tasks by criticality, ensuring optimal allocation of resources and time.

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Technologies used

Predictive Modeling: Deployment of ML models to anticipate equipment malfunctions.

Application of Natural Language Processing to get valuable insights from textual data.

Real-Time Data Visualization: For monitoring and immediate insight application.

Intuitive Data Presentation: Tableau for clear, actionable visualization of data trends.

Savings for the client


Reduction of maintenance costs by implementing predictive maintenance.

450 000 CHF

Enhanced predictive capabilities lead to more reliable equipment availability.


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