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Navigating New Frontiers in Deal Sourcing with AI

Nov 20, 2023

In the fiercely competitive terrain of European private equity, where abundant capital competes for a limited array of opportunities, a leading firm sought an edge in deal sourcing. The challenge was multifaceted: to discover untapped opportunities and discern them with speed and precision amid market conditions that drive valuations to unprecedented heights. This necessitated a paradigm shift in market research – a transition from the traditional to the technological.

What was the business objective?

The European private equity firm set its sights on leveraging AI to transform its approach to deal sourcing:

Diversify Deal Flow: To cultivate a fresh stream of non-crowded investment opportunities, thereby diversifying the firm’s portfolio and enhancing potential returns.

Real-Time Market Research: Implement AI-based tools to conduct market research with near-instantaneous results, facilitating a rapid response to emerging opportunities.

Enhanced Analytical Capacity: To augment the firm's analytical prowess, allowing for the exploration of vast, unstructured data sets that traditional methods could not efficiently process.

Depth in Analysis: To not only increase the volume of companies reviewed but to deepen the investigative scope, examining multiple data points from web traffic and social media sentiment to regulatory landscapes and sector risks.

How did we accomplish it?


How did we accomplish it?

Sigmoidal developed an AI-powered deal-sourcing solution for a European private equity firm. The approach involved blending data science expertise and state-of-the-art technology to enhance the firm's ability to identify and analyze investment opportunities. We created an advanced AI tool tailored to the firm's needs, capable of sifting through and classifying vast amounts of market data quickly. These tools gathered information and mined it for valuable insights.

We integrated diverse streams of unstructured data, including social media activity, online reviews, job postings, and financial disclosures. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, the system extracted key metrics that signaled potential investment opportunities. Sentiment analysis techniques measured the public's perception and sentiment towards potential portfolio companies across digital platforms, providing a nuanced understanding of market trends and consumer behavior.

Predictive analytics forecasted sector risks and regulatory changes, enabling informed decisions and a strategic edge in the private equity market. The AI system continuously learned and improved its predictive accuracy with every interaction. The result was a powerful AI-driven platform that transformed the firm's deal-sourcing process, facilitating faster, more informed investment decisions that capitalized on emerging opportunities.


The Results

The introduction of AI into the firm’s deal-sourcing process resulted in tangible savings

  • Achieved a 10.4% increase in deal sourcing post-implementation, significantly expanding the firm’s investment opportunities.
  • Analysts reported a substantial improvement in their ability to identify and evaluate deals, with AI assistance providing deeper insights in less time.
  • The firm gained an advantage by recognizing patterns and insights that would have otherwise been overlooked, resulting in a more strategic selection of potential investments.

With Sigmoidal's AI consulting expertise, the European private equity firm has redefined the landscape of deal sourcing, establishing a new benchmark for innovation and strategic insight within the industry.

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Technologies used

AI Market Research Tools: Deployed to conduct real-time market research.

Data Mining: Utilized to sift through large volumes of unstructured data.

Sentiment Analysis Engines: Applied to gauge public sentiment from social media posts.

Predictive Analytics: Anticipate market trends & assess the potential of various companies.

Savings for the client


Projected increase to the firm’s ROI over the next financial year.


Increase in deal sourcing due to identifying and assessing potential deals as they emerged.

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