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Financial Foresight Enhanced: AI-Powered Investment Strategy

Nov 13, 2023

A hedge fund based in Singapore, operating in the high-stakes finance industry, encountered a significant challenge. Despite their well-established status, their current predictive models were providing below-par investment insights, leading to suboptimal decision-making. Realizing the importance of enhancing their competitive edge and staying ahead in the ever-evolving financial landscape, the fund sought a transformative solution. This is when they turned to Sigmoidal, a renowned provider of cutting-edge AI expertise, to initiate a comprehensive overhaul of their investment process. By harnessing Sigmoidal's advanced AI capabilities, the hedge fund aimed to unlock new levels of precision, efficiency, and profitability in their investment strategies.

What was the business objective?

The hedge fund's primary objective was to refine its investment strategies and eliminate the inefficiencies that hindered its decision-making process. Recognizing the need for a transformative change, the fund aimed to transition from time-consuming manual analysis to an AI-driven system capable of processing vast datasets from diverse sources. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, their goal was to enhance their investment expertise by swiftly delivering accurate predictions and actionable insights. This strategic shift would empower them to stay ahead of market trends, mitigate risks, and seize lucrative opportunities, ultimately strengthening their position in the fiercely competitive financial landscape.


How did we accomplish it?

Sigmoidal's exceptional team, consisting of highly skilled data scientists and machine learning specialists, designed an advanced AI solution specifically to cater to the intricate needs of the finance sector. Leveraging the immense power of machine learning, predictive modeling, and natural language processing (NLP),our system possesses the remarkable ability to absorb and comprehend complex data on an unprecedented scale. The foundation of our predictive models lies in the utilization of comprehensive historical data, which enables them to identify and analyze market trends with unparalleled accuracy, thus generating reliable investment forecasts. To ensure the utmost precision, our models under went rigorous backtesting, validating their efficacy and reliability.

In addition to this, we harnessed the power of NLP to meticulously sift through avast array of news articles, tirelessly seeking out patterns and indicators that could potentially signal significant market movements before they happen.By deploying this cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide our analysts with invaluable insights and actionable information at their fingertips. To further enhance the usability and accessibility of these insights, we have created custom dashboards and reports, leveraging state-of-the-art visualization tools. This empowers our analysts to make informed and swift investment decisions, keeping them one step ahead of the ever-evolving financial landscape.


The Results

Sigmoidal's AI system began a new era for the hedge fund, where speed and precision became defining qualities. This groundbreaking advancement revolutionized the fund's decision-making process, equipping analysts with data-driven predictions for informed choices. The tailor-made bespoke solution, meticulously crafted utilizing advanced NLP technology, played a pivotal role in facilitating approximately 161 successful deals throughout the course of that particular year, effectively demonstrating its significant contribution to the overall business growth and success.

This leap in analytical capability not only solidified the fund's market position but also unlocked its full investment potential, resulting in a dynamic and forward-thinking portfolio. As a result, our partner surpassed their competitor, with our partner index increasing by 4% in the fourth quarter of2019.

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Technologies used

Advanced NLP Techniques with NLTK to extract market insights from textual data.

Sophisticated Data Processing with Pandas and NumPy for handling complex datasets.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure provided by AWS for scalable computing power.

Cutting-edge Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics using Python, TensorFlow, and Keras.

Savings for the client


Increase of our partner's index during the fourth quarter of 2019.


Estimated increase in AI utilization for investment decisions throughout the organization.

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