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Empowering Investment Decisions with AI: A Financial Processing Breakthrough

Nov 15, 2023

As a U.S.-based Global Investment Fund deeply rooted in the fast-paced finance industry, we understand the utmost importance of processing financial documents accurately and efficiently. However, we encountered a common challenge in our industry: the time-consuming task of extracting and analyzing data from complex financial documents was causing delays and increasing the risk of errors. In our quest for improved accuracy and efficiency, we turned to AI to revolutionise our data-driven decision-making process.

What was the business objective?

Our partner, a renowned global investment fund with a strong commitment to excellence, embarked on a transformative journey to improve and significantly enhance the processing speed of their intricate financial documents. Recognizing the immense value of accurate data extraction, they were determined to bolster the precision and reliability of the extracted information, thereby amplifying the overall productivity of their diligent and astute analysts.

Driven by their unwavering dedication to innovation and efficiency, our partner sought an AI-driven solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing processes, seamlessly alleviating the burden of manual workload and streamlining their operations. With their sights set on empowering their analysts with rapid, data-driven insights, they aspired to revolutionize decision-making within their organization.

This quest for advancement is a testament to their forward-thinking approach and their unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the financial industry.


How did we accomplish it?

To achieveToachieve our ambitious goals, Sigmoidal introduced a top-notch team of SeniorNLP Data Scientists and a Lead Data Scientist into our partner's workflow using a staff augmentation model. Our mission was to leverage the advanced capabilities of Anthropic, as well as OpenAI's ChatGPT-3 models. These models were meticulously trained on a diverse range of financial documents and datasets specific to the finance sector. By integrating these technologies with Python, TensorFlow, BERT for deep text embeddings, and ElasticSearch for real-time data retrieval, we were able to create a highly sophisticated chatbot.

This AI-powered chatbot not only excelled at reading and comprehending financial documents but also demonstrated unparalleled speed and accuracy in extracting critical information. As a result, it has become an indispensable tool for our partner analysts, providing rapid and precise financial insights and on-demand data references. When faced with complex tasks requiring intricate understanding or human judgment, the chatbot serves as a valuable assistant, offering the necessary data and analysis to support the decision-making process of the analysts.


The Results

The collaboration has resulted in remarkable improvements in operational efficiency. By implementing cutting-edge AI technologies, our partner experienced a significant 70% increase in the speed of financial document processing, enabling faster decision-making and enhanced productivity. Additionally, routine analytical tasks saw a notable reduction, freeing up valuable time for the team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Moreover, the solution accuracy and precision in parsing and interpreting financial data witnessed a significant boost, contributing to an estimated 5-15% improvement in decision-making effectiveness. This empowered their financial analysts to make more informed and data-driven decisions, ultimately driving better outcomes for the company and its clients.

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Technologies used

Advanced AI and Machine Learning Models: Anthropic's Claude, ChatGPT-3

Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing:, TensorFlow, BERT, and NLTK.

Real-Time Data Retrieval and Management: ElasticSearch, Apache Kafka.

Containerization and Orchestration: Docker and Kubernetes.

Savings for the client


Reduction in manual tasks and increased processing speed, allowing for effective resource management.

$5 million

Increase in annual revenue through improved decision-making capability.

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