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Nov 15, 2023

A Global Finance Corporation, a powerhouse in multinational financial services, confronted a crucial challenge: unlocking the full potential of their extensive financial data to provide tailored finance instrument recommendations to their substantial business clientele. The company's existing data processing and analysis infrastructure was inadequate, leaving a trove of valuable insights untapped and hindering the delivery of customized financial guidance.

What was the business objective?

The enterprise's goal was to harness its vast data resources to generate individualised financial recommendations for its clients, thereby enhancing client satisfaction and increasing revenue. They needed a robust, scalable solution capable of processing the large volume of data and extracting meaningful insights to inform personalized recommendations, all while optimising costs and improving decision-making speed.


How did we accomplish it?

Infrastructure development: We initiated by deploying Apache Spark and the Hadoop Distributed File System to establish a resilient and scalable infrastructure. This foundation allowed for efficient handling and processing of large-scale financial data. 

Real-Time Data Processing: ApacheKafka was integrated to facilitate real-time data streaming. This ensured that the latest financial information was readily available for analysis and decision-making. 

Predictive Model Creation: Our data scientists utilized Python to write algorithms for data preprocessing and feature engineering. TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch were employed to develop deep learning models capable of extracting intricate patterns and insights from financial datasets. 

Machine Learning Implementation: With Scikit-learn, we built machine learning models for predictive analysis. These models were trained and fine-tuned to provide accurate, personalized financial instrument recommendations. 

Data Visualization and Insights: We harnessed the power of Elasticsearch to index vast amounts of data, making it easily searchable. Kibana was then used to create dynamic visualizations that offered real-time insights into the financial data, aiding the analytical process.

Integration and Deployment: Upon developing the models, we used Docker and Kubernetes for containerization and orchestration, ensuring seamless deployment of our machine learning models into the existing IT ecosystem of the Global Finance Corporation.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization: Post-deployment, our team continued to monitor the system's performance, making necessary adjustments to optimize accuracy and efficiency. This iterative process guaranteed that the models stayed relevant and effective over time.


The Results

The deployment of Sigmoidal's AI-driven recommendation system marked a turning point for Global Finance Corporation, witnessing a 2% increase in profitability within the first nine months. The bespoke recommendations provided by our system empowered the corporation's business clients to make more informed financial decisions, leading to a tangible uptick in revenue. Moreover, the enhanced machine learning environment significantly cut down the time and resources required for data analysis, yielding considerable cost savings.

In the fast-evolving financial sector, this strategic AI integration not only bolstered the corporation's profitability but also reinforced its reputation, as an innovator. The newfound ability to process and analyze financial data rapidly allowed for quicker, more efficient decision-making processes, setting a new standard for customer-centric service in financial services.

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Technologies used

Cloud Infrastructure: Scalable storage & infrastructure adaptive to the growing demands.

Containerization: AI models and its dependencies into a single unit for easy deployment.

Machine Learning & Deep Learning: State-of-the-art models to derive predictive insights.

Integrated Data Visualization: Transforming data into actionable and understandable reports.

Savings for the client


Reduction in the labor costs previously required for manual data processing.


Increased profit margins from client portfolios due to AI-driven financial instrument selection.

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