Meet the Sigmoidal Team

We're a consulting firm specializing in applying AI to business.
Our collective experience from world's biggest tech and consulting firms gives us the edge to tackle the most challenging projects.

A highly-selective club of consultants.

With the experience of over 15 consultants from world's top technology and management consulting firms, NASA and International Olympiad in Informatics award winners, at Sigmoidal there simply isn't a smartest one in the room.

we spread the ai knowledge

We spread the AI knowledge.

Our consultants speak about their findings and project experience at conferences. We also sponsor and host conferences to help keep the AI enthusiast community together.

We learn and work hard.
And have fun!

Knowledge shared is power squared. We host internal workshops, paper readings, and after-work get-togethers. There's something going on every week.

We've got it all covered

Our in-house, collective skillset and experience allow us to develop Machine Learning projects end-to-end.

  • Software Development

    We develop full-stack software.

    We integrate the AI decision engines into user-friendly apps and well-documented APIs. Our language of choice is Python, which allows for quick, iterative development process.

  • DevOps

    We design highly scalable and secure infrastructure.

    We deploy AI-optimized systems using Docker and Kubernetes - open-source technologies used by Google and Dropbox. We have an unique experience leveraging NVIDIA GPUs to run Machine Learning systems up to 10 times faster.

  • Security

    Your data is the most precious resource. We understand it.

    We have been trusted to work with sensitive personal and government data. Our infrastructure runs on separate virtual private clouds, and the data is encrypted in rest and transit. The personnel is highly trained and we conduct frequent internal security audits.

  • Data Tagging

    We collect and tag large datasets. The right way.

    Machine Learning needs training datasets - examples to learn from.
    Our trained team of in-house taggers, together with our proprietary software with the Active Learning technology, allows us to collect and tag data faster and more accurately.

Meet the Members

Mariusz Kierski
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Michael Nowak
Head of Sales & Marketing
Mateusz Susik
Senior Deep Learning Engineer & Researcher
Michael Arent
Business Development Manager
Rafal Karczewski
Senior Deep Learning Engineer & Researcher
Maria Mirecka
Language Data Analyst
Tomek Korbak
Deep Learning Engineer
Agnieszka Nowak
HR Specialist
Martyna Czajka
Executive Board Assistant & Office Manager
Pawel Golab
Software Lead & Product Owner
Piotr Szulc
Software Engineer
Piotr Ksiazek
Machine Learning Engineer
Michal Giemza
Deep Learning Engineer
Karolina Sala
Machine Learning Engineer
Adam Domagalski
Software Engineer
Radoslaw Jurczak
Machine Learning Engineer
Renard Korzeniowski
Machine Learning Engineer
Michal Krzos
Operations Director

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We're growing fast and are actively hiring for data science, engineering and business roles.

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