Our Offer

AI & RPA Solutions to
Halve Your Workload

We provide end-to-end AI & RPA services, from the very early business and technical analysis, through development, to a complete product (both turnkey and custom-made), support, and maintenance.
Our Services

Assisting You Every Step Of The Way


We will help you evaluate if your problem can be solved with AI or RPA. If so, we will advise you on how to choose the most efficient approach and tools, as well as prepare a detailed roadmap and objectives to minimize risk.


We aim for business outcomes, transparency, and simplicity from the very beginning of development, finding the technology as a way to reach the goal, not as the goal in itself. Regular iterations to monitor the progress.


Let us assist you with establishing a full-fledged tech enablement strategy. We can help you identify the right problems and the fastest way of solving them to increase your competitive advantage.


Let us take the solution you already have to the next level. We choose only the practice-proven technologies to ensure seamless integration into your systems, hassle-free maintenance, and provide long-term support.
A Few Of Our Competences

Cutting Edge Skill Set

Business Analysis & IT Audit
AI & Machine Learning
Robotic Process Automation
Custom Software Development
Back-End & Front-End Development
UI & UX Development
Systems Architecture
Systems Integration
IT Maintenance
Our Process

Proven Results In Weeks

Executive Briefing

2 hours

Let’s talk on a high level to establish business goals, deliverables, risks, and potential approaches.


3-5 days

We onboard the team, set up the environment, conduct the EDA, and provide first insights.


6-12 weeks

We provide a fully functional MVP within 6-12 weeks, working iteratively to adapt to your concept.

Complete Product

2-6 months

We develop a fully-fledged solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your systems.
Our Specializations

Intelligent Process Automation

We combine Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence to enable quick automation of more sophisticated processes.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) combines the best of both worlds. It is able to mimick experts’ actions and behavior, enabling to cut down on time and scale up.
Our Specializations

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is present in our daily lives with companies like Google or Amazon using it for on a regular basis. NLP applications include information extraction, handling unstructured text, sentiment analysis, chatbots, or machine translation.

We developed numerous solutions in the field, with the majority being in finance.
Our Specializations

Predictive Analytics & Forecasting

Use historical data, statistical methods, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to forecast future outcomes and estimate the likelihood of their occurrences.

Sales forecasting, churn prediction, risk modeling, and predictive maintenance, are just a few types of applications we developed.
Our Specializations

Computer Vision

Computer Vision enables machines to gain a high-level understanding from videos and images. Its applications are limitless – from face recognition to cancer detection.

At Sigmoidal, we developed computer vision solutions primarily in the insurance and healthcare industries.
We Care About Security And Privacy

Data Security & Compliance

We have been trusted to work with sensitive personal and government data.

Our infrastructure runs on separate virtual private clouds, and the data is encrypted in rest and transit. We use devices with the increased safety standard, VPNs, and conduct frequent internal security audits, adhering to ISO/IEC 27000.

Our employees sign additional NDAs for every new project.

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