We need you to show us what else is possible.

What's Sigmoidal?

We're a team of enthusiasts deeply believing that a new era is unfolding right before our eyes. We're leveraging AI to solve important human problems that solve real needs and advance us all as a society.

We believe that Deep Learning is a new, secret weapon that opens up a whole new ocean of opportunities. We're teaching computers to do what hasn't ever been done before.

And now we need your help - to teach us something we don't know.

What we're working on?

Our focus is leveraging Deep Learning and Data Engineering to solve real-life, business problems. We're working on projects from areas like:

  • Object Detection
  • Image Classification
  • Article Classification
  • Entity Recognition
  • Data Linking

All that running on highly-tuned GPU clusters, trained in the cloud, using most recent libraries and technologies.

Read our blog and case studies to find out more - or just reach out!

Reach out if you want to:

  • rapidly hone your tech skills - Sigmoidal has a hacker-oriented culture, focused on constant improvement, that gathers the best people in the industry
  • train deep learning models in the cloud using the GPU-powered machines, Keras, TensorFlow and Caffe,
  • work with a great, fresh tech stack for development and DevOps (e.g. Python, Kubernetes, Spark, ELK stack, Docker, Flask, AWS/GAE),
  • work on exceptionally interesting, real-world problems - we are very picky in selecting IT projects, working only on meaningful ones,
  • face challenges harder than in most projects out there,
  • work where your mind is used more often than keyboard, and your salary isn't proportional to the number of lines you write :),
  • last but not least - be paid well for what you do

Most Wanted Engineer Species

  • Python Back-End Developer (all levels)
  • Deep Learning Engineer (all levels)
  • Data Scientist/Researcher (all levels)

Is your position not listed? We are always looking for outstanding people, don't be afraid to reach out! :)

You should:

  • be fluent in English (speaking & writing) - excellent communication skills - software development at Sigmoidal is highly collaborative, and we are looking for people who can work effectively in small, close-knit teams.
  • have a strong CS or Maths degree (hons), PhD is a plus
  • possess top-notch programming skills and understanding of algorithms
  • be able to work/relocate to Warsaw, Poland

To apply, write to hi[at]sigmoidal.io.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!