We amplify your efforts, transforming operational efficiency.

AI and Data Science
Task Force

Designated for short-term engagement, the deadline being the priority,
within 5 days, we deploy a world-class team, ready to support your vision and growth with our expertise.


We are first responders in AI,
reacting quickly and precisely,
when delivery time is of the essence.


Days to deploy
a quick reaction force

Sigmoidal needs five days to assemble and deploy the needed talent, guiding our clients through the crucial stages of product development, effectively accelerating the project. That commitment is a point of pride for our company.


Of Sigmoidal engagements
were delivered on deadlines

Through Sigmoidal DNA & already-in-place infrastructure, we can carry out the product from the most challenging phases to full-fledged implementation, completing the project on set deadlines.


our data scientists specialise
also in software engineering

We work in a product-focused way delivering professional craftsmanship in accordance with the Sigmoidal Framework.

1.2 months

Average project completion
time before the deadline

Sigmoidal successfully enabled clients to achieve full operational implementation 1.2 months before the deadline on average. As a result, Sigmoidal provided clients with the opportunity to release the product on the market on time.


Sigmoidal strengthens your team comprehensively...

...from start fo finish

Step 1: Business Understanding

Step 2: Data Mining

Step 3: Data Cleanning

Step 4: Data Exploration

Step 5: Feature Engineering

Step 6: Predictive Modeling

Step 7: CI/CD

Step 8: Deployment

...in all data science fields

Predictive Analytics

Data Mining and Statistical Analysis

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Voice Recognition

...with proper domain experts

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

MLOps Specialist

Solution Architect


How does it work?

We are technological pioneers acutely recognizing trends and patterns early, enabling you to get through the crucial stages in the development cycle. Sigmoidal engineers will help you overcome any potential skill gaps, and increase your speed of delivery.

We have already started this process for you!

We continuously build and certify our network of specialists giving us the ability to meet your needs and strengthen your team as quickly as possible.

You are here! Let's get in touch!

Let’s connect during our scoping session to identify and evaluate your project needs. Our team has the uncanny ability to understand your business KPIs, and plan the essential work ahead, maximizing our effectiveness. Together we pinpoint the best communication channel to stay on the same wavelength throughout the project.

Get an exclusive product team on demand!

We quickly connect your project needs and technical requirements to provide you with the team, being a perfect match for you. Leveraging our extensive network of world-class data scientists we deploy the team in a matter of five days.

Meet your new team members and boost the project with Sigmoidal DNA!

Meet the ambitious, hands-on professionals we have chosen together to strengthen your project. We tailor our infrastructure, and implement Sigmoidal’s unique Design Authority, scaling your vision in the most efficient way. We will complement your staff, overcoming any potential skill gaps by transferring our lessons learned and best global practices.


Our main tech stack

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Programming Language

Statistics and machine learning

Pipeline Orchestration and Reproducibility





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