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AI, Data Science and Big Data
Staff Augmentation

With sigmoidal.expert™ 4000+ network of product-focused AI & Data Science on-demand engineers, we engage beyond traditional partnerships through Sigmoidal DNA™. Reimagine what’s possible and outrank the competition!


We build and scale teams,
Data Science & Machine Learning.

Stop trying and start deploying with the power of Sigmoidal.

4 000+

Data Scientists in sigmoidal.expert™ exclusive network

Sigmoidal developed a network of hands-on engineers, ranging from Data Scientists and Data Engineers to Solution Architects and Big Data specialists. Sigmoidal.expert™ gives us direct access to architects devoted solely to machine learning solutions.


Successfully completed
interviews in 2021

Sigmoidal team consists only of top talents in data science. We scrupulously monitor their progress and performance to achieve the highest level of expertise in Data-centric AI, Big Data & Machine Learning solutions, providing Sigmoidal with the ability to innovate and leverage creative executions.


Of Sigmoidal Data Scientists
specialize in hands-on engineering

To successfully implement the Sigmoidal Product-focused AI method, we make sure to engage only top-notch machine learning engineers delivering professional craftsmanship in accordance with the Sigmoidal DNA™.


Increase in performance
and daily data science assignments

Sigmoidal goes far beyond the traditional Staffing Agency model, actively engaging throughout the project. Our data scientists personify Sigmoidal unique Design Authority – delivering our clients with a cohesive strategy in the earliest phase, Product-focused AI methodology, as well as constant Knowledge-sharing effectively accelerates the entire project.


Sigmoidal strengthens your team comprehensively...

...through all project stages

Step 1: Business Understanding

Step 2: Data Mining

Step 3: Data Cleanning

Step 4: Data Exploration

Step 5: Feature Engineering

Step 6: Predictive Modeling

Step 7: CI/CD

Step 8: Deployment

...in all data science fields

Predictive Analytics

Data Mining and Statistical Analysis

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Voice Recognition

...with proper domain experts

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

MLOps Specialist

Solution Architect


How it works?

Sigmoidal creates products that genuinely influence industries. So share your challenge with our amazing team, and we’ll work with you to create a revolutionary AI-based solution employing Sigmoidal DNA™ and sigmoidal.expert™ in Staff Augmentation.

We already started this process for you!

We continuously build and certify our network of specialists giving us the ability to meet your needs and strengthen your team with product-focused, experienced data scientists, who understand what machine learning models are all about.

You are here! Let's get in touch!

Let’s connect during our scoping session to identify and evaluate your project needs. We understand that throwing money at a problem or putting technology in does not guarantee success. Sigmoidal has the uncanny ability to understand your business KPIs and plan the essential work ahead, maximizing our effectiveness.

Get your exclusive team on demand!

Leveraging our sigmoidal.expert™ network of world-class data scientists, we combine your project needs and technical requirements to provide you with a tailored, on-demand team. Our machine learning engineers are comprised of true experts in Object-oriented Programming, MLops, Data-centric AI, NLP, and Domain Design, adding a lot of value in return.

Let's start working together!

Meet the ambitious, hands-on professionals we have chosen together to strengthen your project. Our specialists go beyond traditional partnerships pinpointing the most effective communication channels, and complement your staff, overcoming any potential skill gaps by transferring our lessons learned and best global practices.

Get the production underway and boost the project with Sigmoidal DNA™!

In an era of technological transformation happening at rapid speed, Sigmoidal understands how to set up uniform data structures, by utilizing our unique Design Authority - delivering our clients with a cohesive strategy, and Product-focused AI methodology - implementing our tailored solutions in the earliest phase.

Implement the product with connected data science, and engineering!

We direct resources in the right direction - leadership means more than money. Sigmoidal engineers have a background in both data science, and engineering. Our Product-focused AI methodology and deep understanding of machine learning models enable us to stop trying and start deploying.


What are we all about?

We are technological pioneers acutely recognizing trends and patterns early, enabling you to leverage new technological capabilities and creative executions. Sigmoidal product-focused engineers understand how to implement useful machine learning models into production.

Staff Augmentation in Sigmoidal way

Top class Data Science Professionsals.

Full support of a dedicated account manager.

Sigmoidal specializes in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Sigmoidal boosts all partners and projects by Sigmoidal DNA.

Sigmoidal’ Data Scientists have an extensive engineering background.

Software architecture and design patterns are a priority.

Sigmodial proposes technical components that guarantee reproducibility.

Sigmoidal uses the Event Storming method to explore a business domain.

Thinking through the prism of Proof of Value.

Staff Augmentation in traditional way

Top class Data Science Professionsals.

Full support of a dedicated account manager.

No clear specialization (from front-end or mobile development to machine learning).

No added value on top of staff augmentation.

Data Scientists don’t have an engineering background.

Lack of architecture design of the system to be built.

Lack of reproducibility of the research carried out.

No clear method for business process discovery.

Thinking through the prism of Proof of Concept.


Sigmoidal tech stack

Sigmoidal engineers are dedicated and passionate about Data-centric AI and Machine Learning. Their expertise in these technologies enables us to innovate and revolutionize every aspect of the product lifecycle.

Programming Language

Statistics and machine learning

Pipeline Orchestration and Reproducibility




Certified expertise

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