kroll ontrack

We’re pleased to announce that we have started a partnership with Kroll Inc., a global leader in risk mitigation, investigations, compliance, cyber resilience, security, and incident response solutions.

Kroll has partnered with data science consultancy Sigmoidal as its artificial intelligence (AI) technology partner for Kroll’s Due Diligence and Compliance suite of services.

Together with the Company’s deep knowledge, global resources, and wide-ranging compliance offerings, the integration of AI into Kroll’s proprietary technology reflects the Company’s commitment to continuous innovation and process improvements in support of compliance professionals worldwide.

“Organizations today are under extraordinary pressure to meet expanding regulatory mandates. The seemingly endless torrent of disparate sources, types, and volumes of available information further complicates the challenge. Kroll will use AI to facilitate and continuously refine our rigorous and comprehensive search processes; this in turn will optimize our ability to provide clients with highly relevant information and meaningful context in the most timely way possible,” said Steven Bock, Managing Director and Head of Operations and Research with Kroll’s Compliance practice. “Sigmoidal emerged as our AI partner for its innovative, robust, and scalable capabilities – as well as strong customer-centric philosophy – to deliver on the complex and evolving needs of our clients worldwide.”

Artificial intelligence is the catalyst that gives humans more time to do what they do best – think creatively, said Mariusz Kierski, CEO of Sigmoidal.

We are pleased to partner with Kroll and its world-class team of distinguished analysts and investigators to take artificial intelligence to the next level for its clients. By leveraging Kroll’s deep research expertise and decades of fieldwork, we will continually refine Kroll’s artificial intelligence capabilities to help provide curated insights faster than ever before. The ultimate goal is to rapidly provide Kroll’s team with a comprehensive and relevant baseline data set, enabling analysts to focus more on adding valuable context and insights that matter most to clients.

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