Collecting unstructured data from 1,000+ news sources every day

Sigmoidal MarketMove™ is a news analytics API that enables to capture alpha in over 80,000 news articles daily. Discover events like pre-M&As, lay-offs, spin-offs, bankruptcies and more. In real-time.

  • Data Collection

    Real-time news data collection

    The MarketMove™ engine is collecting information from more than 1,000 textual news sources on a daily basis and identifies various types of documents and unstructured data, which will later be processed an parsed.Currently we process over 80,000 news articles daily in search of investment opportunities, corporate events and market special situations.

  • Identify Entities

    Identifying organisations, people and topics with NLP

    Machine and deep learning algorithms incorporated inside the MarketMove™ API extracts entities from text using advanced Natural Language Processing techniques and Named Entity Recognition. Each resource is categorized, assigned to a specific database record and accessible via API calls.

  • Event Recognition

    News Event Recognition

    MarketMove enables investors to discover events like carveouts, non-core spinoffs, succession issues, divestitures, turnarounds, huge layoffs/trouble/antitrust bodies, corporate relocations and more in 1,000+ global news sources. Machine learning algorithms are used to discover the true meaning behind text in real-time.

Discover Market Moving Events In Real-time

Leverage event-driven strategies without allocating massive resources to market analysis and research. Access detailed overview of a companies' involvement in recent corporate events and real-time reporting about the special situations to compile valuable information faster than ever.

Currently the system is refreshed every 15 minutes.

Use Artificial Intelligence to discover your next investment.

MarketMove™ helps investors identify more significant market special situations, like succession issues, divestitures, turnaround, huge layoffs/trouble/antitrust bodies, corporate relocations, pension issues and more. We believe that identifying such events as they happen is crucial for portfolio strategies of investors.

MarketMove™ identified over 230 distressed companies over the last 30 days to highlight potential opportunities for several investors.

Spin-offs & Carveouts

There is a chance that a spinoff index “could” serve better than an index fund. But why? The short answer is the people that receive the shares, usually don’t want it.

Activist Investors Activity

Activist investor activities can lead to undoubtedly positive outcomes, like in the case of Apple in 2012, when it lead to Apple's share price rising nearly 30% over the course of 2012.

PR Scandals & Media Sentiment

Considering the company's reaction time the stock declined by 4% when the company reacted within hours to the outbreak, 10% when the company reacted in days and 14% within weeks.

Distress & Restructuring

Investors believe the company's situation is not as bad as it looks, and as a result, they anticipate their investments will increase in value over time.

Access a vast database of business contacts

Find new companies and people based on their purchasing intentions and specific circumstances. Leverage our AI and discover who is currently in the market for your services.

People Data

Search for involvement of key decision makers in major news events across several media outlets. Discover who, what and where to uncover hidden relationships.

Company Information

Search for companies by location, size, year founded, industry, ownership type, decision maker involvement and more.

Event Time-Series

Look for companies in a specific state by researching their involvement in specific events, like: restructurings, M&As, bankruptcies, spin-offs, legal problems and many more.

Fuel Your Decisions

Every single record is assigned to a specific company and/or ticker with a sentiment score and an accuracy metric to make unquantifiable data quantifiable.

Trading Algorithms

MarketMove™ enables data teams to run more accurate and better performing stock market prediction models.

Event-Driven Strategies

Our APIs make it possible to discover such events early, as they emerge, like a company filing a preliminary M&A agreement or media controversies surrounding at an early stage or prior to a PR scandal

Risk Management

Monitor news for emerging risk and minimize exposure with event recognition and entity recognition in real-time.

News-aware trading signals for your investment strategy available within milliseconds.


Find small and large-cap companies based on recent activity, mergers, PR events, activity and sentiment.

See shifts in intensity of reporting and sentiment. Discover how news affect company’s stock price.

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