Data Science Events - Celebrating 2048 Members

August 18, 2017

We’re celebrating the 2nd birthday of the Data Science PL group - the largest Polish online community of Data Scientists and Machine Learning Enthusiasts!

Thanks to our sponsors - Sigmoidal, the QuantFin Foundation and Piotr Migdał we’re organizing an educational meetup. You’ll meet Poland’s strongest folks in the Data Science space and snack on some finest sushi (Pizza is passé)

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18:00 - 18:30 Keynotes:
Wojciech Zdunkiewicz
Opening Keynote
Tom Potanski, Marek Bardoński, Mariusz Kierski
60 years of AI research applied in real life.

18:30 - 19:00 Lecture
Marcin Możejko
A short impression about Variational Drop-out & Positive Unlabelled Learning.

19:00 - 19:45 Flash Talks
Piotr Migdał
We are all vectors - on recommendations and meaning.
Rafał Karczewski
Realtime Online Shop Credit Interest Rate propositions via Reinforcement Learning.
Monika Pawłowska
Why to count bikes? Visualization of data from bikes counters from Warsaw

19:45 - 21:00 NETWORKING WITH BO$$ES!

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