Sigmoidal LLC announces that Marek Bardonski has today stepped down as Managing Partner by mutual agreement with the Board.
Mariusz Kierski will now remain the only owner and will fully manage the company.
He said:
“After months of an extensive company scaling, the Sigmoidal board members have achieved the stability with partnerships and team construction, exceeding the greatest expectations that anyone had towards a self-funded start-up. The organization has established successful long-term projects with clients from almost all continents and the team of recognized engineers, analysts, and managers. That was way ahead of the vision that the founders have created a few years ago, launching Sigmoidal.”
Marek Bardonski said:
“I am grateful to my wonderful colleagues at Sigmoidal for their support during the past several years as we started up this venture together, and I am proud of what we achieved. I will be sad to leave, but I do so looking forward to a new personal challenge, and confident that our people will continue to serve the firm’s clients in the best possible way.”
“In this new personal challenge, I’ve decided to open a new chapter in my
entrepreneurial journey and have accepted a senior partner role at one of
the leading international management consulting firms – VUONG Global.”
The company’s expertise is comprehensive service for business clients who are looking for protecting, developing and further leveraging their reputation, brand, and valuation.
“I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the valuable contribution to our organization. Had it not been for Marek, Sigmoidal would have missed a number of opportunities and never reached such a powerful network. From now on, we are standing strong, building Sigmoidal according to the vision that we created together.” – added Mariusz.