🏃🏼 We work best when we're stimulated by a challenge. Wouldn't it be great if we could automate away tedious data workflows?

It's cost-effective, but perhaps more importantly, leaves us to be creative and innovate.

Automate manual data work with genuine AI

Do you know that your most valuable specialists waste up to 3 hours a day doing work that could be handled by an AI-powered algorithm?

Hire AI and let people do what they do best.

Applications of AI for financial data

Extract meaning from text

Information contained in text data collected for years can be a gold mine, if you use it right. A lot of the time we need to do research using collected data to find interesting insights and reason from such data. Some ideas involving semantic entity extraction are:

  • Sentiment analysis on Twitter tweets/blog posts to foresee market changes
  • Searching internet articles mentioning given companies, individuals
  • Topic classification on text (verticals, market events like M&A, etc.)

Internet research: Search & understand Web data

Do you spend significant time doing internet research? There's way too much information in the internet you could ever possibly scan.

You can automate this task with an AI system that can automatically browse websites containing information you care about (Web scraping) and suggest ones that you could be most interested in. An AI sidekick can cut through the noise and find information that's most relevant for your case.

Detect objects on image

Did you know that an AI system can analyze images and videos? We've implemented an AI system to automatically detect forklifts on an image - to derive analytical insights like work week breakdown.

Find relations between entities

Identifying relations between companies, people, events can be done automatically saving a lot of time, and in scale. We save time by automating away specialist's work. Our systems can automatically detect related entries in any dataset, or retrieve additional information from the internet.

Make predictions and suggestions

Recommender systems are all over the place, but the story doesn't end here. From historical information about your users' behavior, you can build systems automatically predicting buying intent, or choose the right offer to show to any user.

What's your favorite buzzword?

People tend to be polarized with their opinions.
Some dismiss AI as a hoax or marketing buzzword, whereas others assign it almost godly abilities, point at it as deciding on political elections, or fearing eternal doom from good-machines-gone-bad.

As usual in life, the truth is somewhere in between.

Modern Artificial Intelligence should be thought about as a friendly sidekick. It's still a computer algorithm/program and should be considered one. It isn't able to "think" as we humans do, and is strongly specialized in doing what it has been taught to do.

So how is that groundbreaking? Didn't we have that for years now with computer programs?

Thing is, AI can now solve tasks previously unsolvable by machines at all - most specifically dealing with unstructured data.

We aren't losing our jobs anytime soon.

On the contrary, our everyday life is about to get more interesting. Our mission at Sigmoidal is to free up people's time to be able to perform at their best - things they're passionate about and they're good at.