September 27, 2017
Recommendation Systems - How Companies are Making Money

Not that long ago, people lived and functioned in tight communities. Every vendor knew their customers personally and could make recommendations to them based on a personal knowledge of past purchases. This type of personal relationship meant that customers would receive great customer service, while vendors were able to reap the benefit of brand loyalty […]

September 8, 2017
Variational Dropout - Uncertainty in Deep Learning?

Last Thursday, our Senior Deep Learning Researcher gave a lecture in Warsaw at the event co-sponsored by Sigmoidal - Data Science PL group: Marcin covers the topic of measuring certainty using a relatively unknown technique known as Variational Dropout. Another method only briefly covered in research that proved very useful in working with small datasets […]

September 5, 2017
GAN Deep Learning Architectures - review

Introduction Source: How do you teach a machine to draw a human face if it has never seen one? A computer can store petabytes of photos, but it has no idea what gives a bunch of pixels a meaning related to someone’s appearance. For many years this problem has been tackled by various generative […]

August 18, 2017
Data Science Events - Celebrating 2048 Members

We’re celebrating the 2nd birthday of the Data Science PL group - the largest Polish online community of Data Scientists and Machine Learning Enthusiasts! Thanks to our sponsors - Sigmoidal, the QuantFin Foundation and Piotr Migdał we’re organizing an educational meetup. You’ll meet Poland’s strongest folks in the Data Science space and snack on some […]

August 15, 2017
Elasticsearch: 10 Advices to Get Started

We have recently finished an innovative, data-driven project based on Elasticsearch. The aim was to find similarities between objects across sets. Sets were static, although they were a decent size (90+ million records) and there was a requirement that search was fast (nearly instant) - so Elasticsearch was the best choice. During the project, I […]

June 20, 2017
Data Science Consulting Questions to Ask Before Hiring

If you think that your company could benefit from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications, the first step is to find a team that can help you solve your problem. The following are six questions you should ask a Machine Learning consultant to determine if they’re the right team for you: 1. Do I even […]

April 11, 2017
SSLForFree - Setting up SSL with NGINX and LetsEncrypt

We all know that sweet green padlock in our browsers, meaning that our connection to a website is secure. Don't underestimate encrypted connection! Without it, all data is sent in plain text. It's very dangerous if your site handles secret data, like passwords or emails. Recently, my colleague from work logged into our office router. […]

April 5, 2017
Git Hooks - Automatic Code Quality Checks

We all strive to achieve great quality code. Every language allows us to run some quality checks or automatic unit tests. But even best tests won't help if they aren't run often. Remember! If something takes too much time or effort, people will avoid it! Solution? We can reverse that! Let's make automatic tests effortless, […]

April 5, 2017
IoT World Santa Clara - Meet the Sigmoidal team

Machine Learning consulting at the international IoT conference? Sure! Sigmoidal is excited to be exhibiting at the IoT World Conference at Santa Clara, the west coast’s largest digital IoT conference. The event is being held May 16-18 at the Convention Center in Santa Clara. It will cover IoT Strategies to Target and Engage the Consumers […]

March 30, 2017
Jupyter notebook shortcuts explained

Today I'm going to write about Jupyter Notebook, previously known as IPython Notebook. It's a tool that allows you to create interactive python sessions, visualize results, and easily distribute them. It's widely used among machine learners and university professors. How does it look? Here is the notebook window of Jupyter Notebook. As you can see, […]

March 24, 2017
Tensorflow AWS setup - proper setup of version 1.0

After long development, Google released the first stable version of its Machine Learning library, TensorFlow. The release is an important milestone in the development of a common Machine Learning toolkit. TensorFlow provides a set of primitives from which Machine Learning engineers and researchers can construct trainable models — as well as a framework to run these computations […]

March 24, 2017
Machine Learning Pipeline - you've got it wrong

Design specs. Write software. Test it, fix bugs, post to production. Agile development is omnipresent in the software development world. However, the Machine Learning development is more like a creative research process. There are certain similarities though, which I’d like to shortly outline here. For those of you that never worked on building an end-to-end […]

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