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85% of financial services firms already use AI in production

According to Forbes, 85% of financial services companies are currently using some form of AI – and those numbers come from January 2020, before the global COVID-19 pandemic. Do not fall behind.

We have been building the solutions for the industry for almost 5 years now, knowing what works and what is just a hype. Having a finance background ourselves, we aim for low-hanging fruits first, creating a transparent value proposition from the very beginning.

Just A Portion Of Problems We Can Help You Solve

Robotic Process Automation

Paperwork automation, document management, inquiry handling automation, or chatbots, are just a few examples where we know the finance industry you can cut down time and costs spent inefficiently.

Risk Management

We can help you take your risk management to the next level. With new data sources like social media and AI-based behavior analysis, it is now possible to estimate risks with accuracy never seen before.

Customer Data Management

The overwhelming amount of information, as well as the unstructured format of financial data can make it challenging to scale up. Growing number of client communication, transactional details, or market data, need to be automated to prevent overstaffing.

Customer Retention & Churn Prediction

We can help you leverage machine learning and intelligent customer behavior analysis to predict at-risk customers and those with the highest future value to retain. Such an approach, can enable you to allocate your marketing & retention resources more effectively.
  • “The Sigmoidal team demonstrated their deep knowledge in applying AI to assist investment analysis. Their solution provided us with additional signals and thus a further perspective to company analysis to aid decision-making.”
    Lawrence Burns
    Investment Manager, Baillie Gifford & Co
  • “Sigmoidal demonstrated a strong degree of proactivity, taking time to thoroughly understand the problem and continuously suggesting performance and usability enhancements.”
    Jonas Lee
    EVP & Partner, Verus Analytics

Case Studies in Financial Services & Banking

  • Sigmoidal Case Study

    AI for Credit Risk Management

    Learn more about the AI-based credit risk management system, which we developed for a bank in Birmingham (Alabama). Over the course of 6 months after the integration, the default rate decreased by almost 15%.
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