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Sigmoidal acutely recognizes different business perspectives and technological shifts to give you a competitive edge.


If you are wondering…

What are the machine learning use cases in my process?

How to automate a business process?

What do we need to do to create AI competencies?

How blockchain can help my business?

How to create an AI solution design?

What technical solutions should be used in AI?

How to run an AI project?

How to calculate my business case?

How to calculate savings generated by AI?

How to build a data science team?

How to ensure reproducibility of machine learning?

How to run a R&D project?

…we will guide you.




Unique enterprise AI solutions
designed by Sigmoidal

In collaboration with our partners, Sigmoidal designed guidelines and solutions for machine learning project ideas. We provided our partners to transform their vision into a production-ready solution.


Savings generated
by Sigmoidal solutions in 2021

Sigmoidal focus to recognize technological shifts and different business KPIs, embedding them into our solutions. We aim to reduce overhead business costs by automating various processes and designing reusable machine learning components.


Project ideas
Sigmoidal reshaped in 2021

Working closely with our partners, Sigmoidal reinvented 11 project ideas, providing them with novelty technological insights. As a result, we enabled our clients to implement uniform data structures and appropriate technical solutions reducing project costs.


R&D projects in 2020
reached production in 2021

Sigmoidal enabled partners to transfer successful R&D projects from the research stage into the production cycle. We developed early-stage research project guidelines, addressed a number of possible product challenges, and created bases for a reliable, market-ready machine learning model.


Sigmoidal supports Fortune 500 companies
in building complex and innovative solutions.

Health Care

Supply Chain and Logistic



Financial Services

Oil and Gas




Real Estate


Public sector


How does it work?

Sigmoidal answers crucial business questions. We plan the essential work reducing total overhead costs. We provide you with an opportunity to approach potential clients with better tools and data insights, setting you apart.

We have already started this process for you!

We continuously build and certify our network of specialists giving us the ability to meet your needs with experienced, hands-on data scientists, who understand what machine learning models are all about.

You are here! Let's get in touch!

Let’s connect during our scoping session to identify and evaluate your project needs. We understand that throwing money at a problem or putting technology in does not guarantee success. Sigmoidal has the uncanny ability to understand your business KPIs and plan the essential work ahead, maximizing our effectiveness.

Technical workshop and problem discovery

We focus on the most critical data, connecting it to the roots of your applied machine learning model. Sigmoidal understands biases and sources of data Implement techniques to improve the generality of your model - explain the consequences of overfitting and identify mitigation measures.

Data analysis, preparation and modeling

Sigmoidal collects the crucial data in the machine learning life cycle - transforming the raw data into relevant solutions. We utilize Exploratory Data Analysis, Data preprocessing, and Data splitting to ensure much easier data modeling.

Rolling Out to Production

In the early stages Sigmoidals team establishes a benchmark against which the machine learning models run now and in the future. In combination with diligent version control, our data scientists can get the models into production.


Sigmoidal tech stack

Sigmoidal engineers are dedicated and passionate about Data-centric AI and Machine Learning. Their expertise in these technologies enables us to innovate and revolutionize every aspect of the product lifecycle.

Programming Language

Statistics and machine learning

Pipeline Orchestration and Reproducibility



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