Category: AI Use Cases

October 16, 2017
AI in Finance: new applications for high ROI in 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) in finance is taking the industry by storm. According to the 2020 Business Insider Intelligence report, 75% of respondents at banks with over $100 billion in assets say they’re currently implementing AI strategies, compared with 46% at banks with less than $100 billion in assets. The size of the cost savings opportunity […]

September 27, 2017
Recommendation Systems - How Companies are Making Money

Not that long ago, people lived and functioned in tight communities. Every vendor knew their customers personally and could make recommendations to them based on a personal knowledge of past purchases. This type of personal relationship meant that customers would receive great customer service, while vendors were able to reap the benefit of brand loyalty […]

June 20, 2017
Data Science Consulting Questions to Ask Before Hiring

If you think that your company could benefit from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications, the first step is to find a team that can help you solve your problem. The following are six questions you should ask a Machine Learning consultant to determine if they’re the right team for you: 1. Do I even […]

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