Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning are taking the healthcare industry by storm. They are not pie in the sky technologies any longer; they are practical tools that can help companies optimize their service provision, improve the standard of care, generate more revenue, and decrease risk. Nearly all major companies in the healthcare […]

Natural Language Processing vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

What is Natural Language Processing? Natural Language Processing (or NLP) is an area that is a confluence of Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics. It involves intelligent analysis of written language. If you have a lot of data written in plain text and you want to automatically get some insights from it, you need to use NLP […]

A survey of the latest chatbot APIs

So you want to build your own chatbot, and you want to do it quickly? Well, you’re in luck; several businesses have opened up their chatbot API’s to the public, so you can use them with little to no programming experience. Here’s a run down of some of the most popular API’s that are available […]

Why are chatbots cool, and where are they headed?

The next new wave of Artificial Intelligence is here in the form on Chatbots — which enables end users to communicate directly with machines that are programmed to converse with humans. Several message interfaces such as Facebook Messenger are perfect avenues for deploying chatbots on already existing chat frameworks. Chatbots provide a huge advantage over live communication […]

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

In this post, we will break down NLP further and talk about Rule-Based and Statistical NLP. I will discuss why everyone needs to know about NLP and AI (Artificial Intelligence), how Machine Learning (ML) fits into the NLP space (it is indispensable actually) and how we are using it in our daily life even without […]

Portfolio Analysis by Machine Learning

The stock market has always been a core interest in predictive analytics. Thus it came as no surprise when one of our clients seek our assistance in his investment strategy. We designed an intelligent asset allocation system consisting of a Long Short-term Memory Recurrent Neural Network (LSTM), which predicted the expected return for every asset […]

Financial Times: Wall Street and AI – an article

financial times article snippet

Sigmoidal’s Head of AI, Marek Bardonski has been featured in the Financial Times in an article about using trading for Machine Learning by John Dizard. The article speaks about AI-powered, automated trading decisions – and what challenges (and opportunities) it poses to Wall Street. “Most of the theoretical work for autonomous driving has been done. […]