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NVIDIA has partnered with Sigmoidal in the Inception program

Machine Learning consulting - even the strongest one :) - needs a renowned ally. Sigmoidal is officially a partner of NVIDIA via the Inception Program! The program was designed to nurture dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI, Data Science and machine learning The program will »

Machine Learning pipeline — you’ve got it wrong

Design specs. Write software. Test it, fix bugs, post to production. Agile development is omnipresent in the software development world. However, the machine learning development is more like a creative research process. There are certain similarities though, which I’d like to shortly outline here. For those of you that »

TensorFlow 1.0 is here. Let’s do some Deep Learning on the AWS!

After long development, Google released the first stable version of its Machine Learning library, TensorFlow. The release is an important milestone in the development of a common Machine Learning toolkit. TensorFlow provides a set of primitives from which Machine Learning engineers and researchers can construct trainable models — as well as »

10+ Things I Wish I Knew About Elasticsearch

We have recently finished an innovative, data-driven project based on Elasticsearch. The aim was to find similarities between objects across sets. Sets were static, although they were a decent size (90+ million records) and there was a requirement that search was fast (nearly instant) - so Elasticsearch was the best »

How to Free 3 Hours a Day: Automating Financial Data Workflows with Genuine AI

🏃🏼 We work best when we're stimulated by a challenge. Wouldn't it be great if we could automate away tedious data workflows? It's cost-effective, but perhaps more importantly, leaves us to be creative and innovate. Automate manual data work with genuine AI Do you know that your most valuable specialists waste »