About us


From a small start-up to a partner of Novartis, BP, and Baillie Gifford.

Right now future is looking great for Sigmoidal. We grow, enjoy new partnerships, and leave our footprint – Sigmoidal DNA on every venture we take part in. Our journey from founding Sigmoidal back in 2016 wasn’t always easy, as we met many new challenges. But we pushed through, stayed passionate about data science and machine learning, and stuck to our premise – revolutionize Data Science and Machine Learning, which motivated us to constantly reinvent ourselves.

Going forward we wanted to explore new possibilities, and redefine the traditional model of cooperation. To achieve that we dedicated ourselves to Data-centric AI and Machine Learning in staff augmentation. That, in return, gave us the opportunity to excel, and master all the insights of machine learning. We may sound a little biased, so let us explain, what makes Sigmoidal, a company with the most innovative approach to Data Science and Machine Learning.

“The Sigmoidal team demonstrated their deep knowledge in applying AI to assist investment analysis. Their solution provided us with additional signals and thus a further perspective to company analysis to aid decision-making.”

Lawrence Burns

Partner at Baillie Gifford

We always strive for continuous improvement, engaging with our clients and going far beyond the model of traditional cooperation. Let us present you with our most treasured possession – the Sigmoidal DNA.

Design Authority – We utilize state-of-the-art patterns & technologies, as part of a cohesive strategy to deliver the most impactful solution.

Product-focus Method – We constantly transfer the best Global Practices & Lessons Learned, providing you with skills & technical novelty, maximizing the effectiveness of each cooperation.

Knowledge Sharing – We ​​employ our proprietary AI Production-focused technique, implementing our solutions in the earliest phase, effectively accelerating the entire project by 30%.

Deployment Strategy – We have a deep understanding of machine learning models allows us to channel resources in the right direction. We combine both data science & engineering – taking your solution into production.

The expertise we bring onboard

Starting with a question – who are all these people that make up Sigmoidal? Our team shares both data science and engineering background. Apart from actively engaging throughout many projects, many of them occupy a position at top technological universities, most of them holding PhDs. Combining those fields adds a lot of value in return – connecting data science and engineering, enabling us to deeply understand machine learning models and set up uniform data structures throughout. 

“Sigmoidal did an excellent job of developing a prototype of an optimization engine to enhance our planning process. The company showed itself not only as a technology provider but also as a valuable business partner.”

Laura Rodriguez Gomez

Data Science Director at Novartis

To end it with a clear message…

We want you to utilize what we have refined – Sigmoidal DNA, to really leverage new technological capabilities and creative executions. It evolved with us as the company grew, and we learned from our experiences. They epitomize what we want to achieve, and they might change in the future as we aim higher and higher.

…and we’re just getting started.

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