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Automate up to 70% of work using Artificial Intelligence and RPA solutions with clear ROI.
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Our goal is not just to develop software but to solve actual problems and help you

Cut Costs

Incorporating Robotic Process Automation to reduce time wasted on mundane, repetitive tasks.

Leveraging AI to cut the spending on document search & information extraction.

Automating the majority of your customer service and inquiry handling.

Increase Revenue

Uncovering investment opportunities and augmenting your sourcing with intelligent NLP systems.

Forecasting sales and spending to allocate your budget in a more informed way.

Using smart customer engagement and segmentation.

Build AI Strategy

Cutting through the worthless hype – find which pain points you can and which you cannot address with AI.

Establishing the strategy and ROI, choosing appropriate deliverables and KPIs.

Finding the low hanging fruits that quickly bring measurable results.
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Integration in weeks, not months with a flexible tech stack

We choose only the practice-proven technologies to ensure seamless integration and provide long-term support.

Some of the tools we use:
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Our Expertise

Augment Your Work With Enterprise AI

According to Gartner, artificial intelligence and RPA will automate almost 70% of the manager’s workload by 2024. We have already contributed to it by automating processes in various industries around the world – below are a few examples.
Investment Management
Financial Services
Logistics & Supply Chain
Retail & Marketing
Public Sector
  • Sigmoidal Case Study

    AI for Credit Risk Management

    Learn more about the AI-based credit risk management system, which we developed for a bank in Birmingham (Alabama). Over the course of 6 months after the integration, the default rate decreased by almost 15%.
  • “The Sigmoidal team demonstrated their deep knowledge in applying AI to assist investment analysis. Their solution provided us with additional signals and thus a further perspective to company analysis to aid decision-making.”
    Lawrence Burns
    Investment Manager, Baillie Gifford & Co
  • “Sigmoidal demonstrated a strong degree of proactivity, taking time to thoroughly understand the problem and continuously suggesting performance and usability enhancements.”
    Jonas Lee
    EVP & Partner, Verus Analytics
Baillie Gifford Sigmoidal Mac
Featured Case Study

Sigmoidal x Baillie Gifford:
Using AI sentiment analysis to track investment signals 

Learn more about the real-time sentiment analysis system developed by Sigmoidal for Baillie Gifford, one of the industry leaders, with over $330 billion in assets under management.
See the Case Study

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