6 jobs that could see an uptick in demand with the rise of AI - VentureBeat article

February 14, 2018


Sigmoidal's CEO, Mariusz Kierski wrote an article on VentureBeat about the jobs that can expect higher demand due to the development of AI.

"While fears abound that AI automation will lead to big staff cuts in industries around the world, technology will bring forth a plethora of new jobs and services. Similar to the onslaught of positions created by social media, digital publishing, and e-commerce, the AI revolution has already inspired the creation of new careers." - said Mariusz

While the list starts with positions more or less directly connected to Artificial Intelligence development like machine trainer, some of the jobs listed are not the ones that come to mind first regarding AI. This is due to the broader perspective that Mariusz presents by touching upon both corporate and social environment.

To see the full list, read the article here.

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