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The Public Sector Does Not Have To Fall Behind

We can help you build a complete automation pipeline and advise how you can incorporate the most efficient solutions from the private sector into your processes. The public sector does not have to fall behind.

Our expertise covers tasks from robotic process automation, through automated document management, to sophisticated AI-based systems. Let us advise on the most efficient approach to allow seamless integration, keeping the human factor in mind.

Just A Portion Of Problems We Can Help You Solve

Robotic Process Automation

Incorporate Robotic Process Automation to reduce time wasted on mundane, repetitive tasks. Combine AI & RPA for Intelligent Process Automation for more complicated tasks.

Document Management

Augment your document search with information extraction and automated tagging. Reduce data redundancy, catch input errors, and keep files from getting misplaced.

We Care About Security And Privacy

Data Security & Compliance

We have been trusted to work with sensitive personal and government data

Our infrastructure runs on separate virtual private clouds, and the data is encrypted in rest and transit. We use devices with the increased safety standard, VPNs, and conduct frequent internal security audits, adhering to ISO/IEC 27000

Our employees sign additional NDAs for every new project.

Each new employee goes through the security & compliance training, adhering to ISO/IEC 13335-1:2004 standards. Furthermore, our employees sign additional internal NDAs for every new project they participate in.

We care about security and privacy. That’s why we always use encryption, work only on devices with the increased safety standard, and ensure that each team member is fully aware of the best practices in this field.

Other Case Studies In The Public Sector & Education

Automated document management system for the Cordoba municipality (Spain). 3x faster document processing – freeing up the time of office workers and increasing citizens’ satisfaction.

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