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From Clinical Trials, Through Manufacturing, To Drug Sales Forecasting

Proven artificial intelligence and robotic process automation solutions have been sought-after in the pharmaceutical industry. From augmenting the research, drug discovery, through helping in clinical trials, to sales forecasting and manufacturing automation.

Unfortunately, many of those solutions are still just nice-to-have “toys” with no actual value. Let us help you cut through the hype and focus on solving only those problems that genuinely can be solved with AI & RPA.

Just A Portion Of Problems We Can Help You Solve

Drug Sales Forecasting

Forecast drug sales to allocate your marketing budget more efficiently. We can help you with forecasting both on a macro and a micro level.

Clinical Trial Research

Machine learning to identify candidates for clinical trials. With intelligent forms, social media data, and unobvious patterns, we can help you find the right candidates faster.

Manufacturing Enhancement

We can assist you with optimizing the manufacturing process, as well as predict and prevent possible supply chain trouble or production line failures.

Drug Discovery & Development

Use artificial intelligence to augment your drug discovery process. Analyze EMR with machine learning. Incorporate AI-based next-generation sequencing.

Other Case Studies In Pharma

AI-based system for tracking and analyzing opinions on drugs and their side-effects on social media, which also features automatic report generation.

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