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Have the right product, in the right place, at the right time

For people outside the industry, logistics & supply chain industries can seem not too complicated. We know it is not true. The ultimate goal of having the right product, in the right place, at the right time, is now a much more challenging tasks with increasing costs, unexpected events (such as the 2020 pandemic), and growing customer expectations.

Having worked with clients in the logistics & supply chain, we believe that those industries have an immense automation potential. It can help them scale and reduce the continually rising costs. Come learn how we do it.

Just A Portion Of Problems We Can Help You Solve

Supplier Relationship Management

AI & Machine Learning solutions can enable you to monitor supplier parameters like credit score, product prices, lead time, delivery performance, to guarantee you the best price-performance ratio.

Supply Chain Planning

With the right supply chain planning solutions, you can prevent both understocking and overstocking, focusing on the business, not on the burdensome inventory management.

Maintaining The Warehouse

Track who enters and leaves the warehouse to increase safety. Incorporate computer vision to read barcodes and update inventory automatically.

Increasing Fleet efficiency

Increase the fleet efficiently with predictive analytics. We can help you uncover and predict trends and events leading to delay in delivery, then optimize the route and process.

Other Case Studies In Logistics & Supply Chain

Read how we helped our client halve the time spent on research and supplier selection. We had leveraged a hybrid approach to reduce risk – the most complicated cases were automatically flagged for manual verification.

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