AI & Machine Learning For Trading

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Augment Your Decision Making

AI can help you profoundly analyze the market, uncovering hidden patterns. With predictive analytics and reinforcement learning, you can execute trades at much better prices.

Having a finance background ourselves, we can assist you with both the technical and business parts, combining the best of both worlds and choosing the most efficient business approach to your problem.

Just A Portion Of Problems We Can Help You Solve

Alpha Factor Creation & Aggregation

Leverage AI to generate signals at the portfolio level. Uncover hidden patterns and aggregate predictions about prospects, correlations among securities, and capital market expectations.

Algorithimic Trading

Utilize machine learning and reinforcement learning for automated (or augmented, with human supervision) process of buying and selling securities.

Baillie Gifford Logo Testimonial
Lawrence Burns Baillie Gifford

Lawrence Burns
Baillie Gifford

“The Sigmoidal team demonstrated their deep knowledge in applying AI to assist investment analysis. Their solution provided us with additional signals and thus a further perspective to company analysis to aid decision-making.”

Verus Analytics Logo Testimonial
jonas lee verus circle

Jonas Lee
EVP & Partner
Verus Analytics

“Sigmoidal demonstrated a strong degree of proactivity, taking time to thoroughly understand the problem and continuously suggesting performance and usability enhancements.”

Other Case Studies In Trading

Learn how we designed an intelligent asset allocation system that utilized Deep Learning and Modern Portfolio Theory. The solution (tested over two years period) helped generate an 8% annualized return.

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