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Business First Approach

We aim for business outcomes, transparency, and simplicity from the very beginning of development, finding the technology as a way to reach the goal, not as the goal in itself. Check it out yourself.
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Investment Management

Augment your decision making. Uncover new investment opportunities with NLP systems.

Baillie Gifford Sigmoidal Solution

Financial Services & Banking

Intelligent risk management, churn prediction and customer retention, paperwork automation.

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Logistics & Supply Chain

Robotic process automation, supplier relationship management, demand & supply prediction. 

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Drug sales forecasting, enhanced clinical trial research, AI for drug discovery & development.

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Retail & Marketing

Customer service automation, recommender systems, demand prediction, customer retargeting.


Public Sector & Education

Robotic process automation, document management, security enhancements, AI for education.

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Alpha factor creation & generation, portfolio management, algorithmic trading.

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